In light of the new WCC Diploma Scheme we are pleased to be able to share...

some examples of successful LRPS and ARPS panels from our members as a visual reference for those Club Members embarking on the new scheme.

By attending any of our club meetings you will be able to see examples of good quality photography. However, the Diploma scheme asks that you present your printed photographs as a panel* in a similar way that you can present your images to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) for assessment. Please take a look at the selection of images below.

*Images may be submitted as prints or as a coherent sequence of projected images.

Although the Club has members with an FRPS Distinction, the work is not always saved digitally or presented as a panel eg. photo-book. 

Click on this first image to start a slideshow that will take advantage of your full screen size or simply scroll down the page to see the same selection of images.


And a projected image sequence from Ruth Bourne. Click on the image to enable the slideshow.




Plus a selection of ARPS Panels...