2024 will mark WCC CPG’s eleventh year of topics, themes, concepts and wonders. We got off to a splendid start in our session on 4th January.

Our opening topic and just one day before twelfth Night, Clive and Gill Haynes photo-essay portrayed diverse approaches to an eco-friendly Christmas tree festival in a local village church.

In stark contrast to cosy seasonal depictions, Kaz Diller’s essentially photo-journalistic ‘Migrant Rescue’, shot in the unforgiving vastness of the Atlantic Ocean on a pitch black of night, captured his first-hand encounter with a small boat crammed full of migrants from Morocco. 

Water with a more placid inclination within a very different location provided both contrast and link for Eric Williams’ observational street/canal photography in Venice. 

Drawing upon a particular style of photography to inform his theme, Alex Isaacs showed the many advantages to be gained by ICM.   Accessing her personal library of similarly intentionally rendered images, Tessa Mills showed how seemingly disparate strands and ideas can be brought together to form a cohesive whole. 

An open mind and always being prepared to discover potential subjects and images wherever you may find yourself provided the unifying raison d’être for three of our members.  Lucy Allum has an ongoing topic of ‘Windows’; her ever-ready eye identified suitable material and her choice of viewpoint added narrative.  Refusing to be bored during a visit to IKEA and driven by an alert curiosity and the desire to transform the quotidian into the curious, Geoff Hicks set to work finding suitable subject matter and camara angles.  Similarly, the ‘retail experience’ was the driving-force for Bob Oakley.  Finding himself outside a particularly up-market shoe shop he produced a thematically coherent set of pictures within an area of just a few square yards.

In direct contrast to the ready-eye-for-serendipity approach, Nigel Reader had clear intent when seeking content for his finely crafted theme about the structural elegance of modern architecture expressed in beautiful black and white.  Determination to closely follow a specific theme was also revealed by Bob Green with his interpretive approach to Worcester’s hand-painted signposts. The signposts formed part of Worcester Paint Festival and here’s a link with more information: 

Worcester paint Festival

We enjoyed two contrasting ‘outside sources’.  The first set featured the contemplative and translucent work of Melanie Schoeniger in her series ‘Layers of Perception, here’s the link;  Layers of Perception

Our second ‘outside source’, a photography project by Jesse Rieser, gave insights into how Christmas is celebrated in the USA.  Here’s the link: Happy Birthday Jesus

All members work from our session can be seen in our Viewpoint e-book for this month.  Click on the image below or this link:  Viewpoint  choose the January 2024 editionThe same link provides access to many previous issues of ‘Viewpoint’ - a fascinating treasure-trove waiting for you to explore!