This month’s ‘Viewpoint’ cover picture represents the diversity of content and ideas enjoyed during our December session.

Whilst Richard Handley’s set of images expressed his response to the monumental effigies carved from cold marble within the confines of an austere C of E church, in contrast, Paul Mann introduced us to the exuberant, colourful coalescence of faith that is Caodaisim in Vietnam.

The seaside, pier and prom at Eastbourne was the focus for a nostalgic visit for Geoff Hicks whilst Alex Isaacs mused upon the ubiquity and utility of mobile ‘phones in their current evolution.

Through very different approaches, our association with art in one form or another was the territory for interpretation by Stewart Bourne and Nigel Reader.  Stewart sought our interaction with art constrained by the boundaries s defined by frames and galleries whilst Nigel discovered quite unintentional art – so long one has the eyes to see and the imagination to respond.

Clive Haynes’ ‘wobbly panoramas’ presented a singular view of the ‘festive season’ which, for many people, isn’t something they particularly look forward to and feel distinctly wobbly about.  Maintaining a theme introspection, Tessa Mills continued her fascinating and inventive series in which seeks ‘expressions of self’.

The perils of driving along a motorway in wet weather were grittily interpreted through the windscreen by Bob Oakley as we travelled with him north along the M5 beset by swirling spray in stormy weather.

Dr. Charles Aston delighted in his new wide-angle lens as he explored the many fresh opportunities it opened for his distinctive style of street photography.

Our two ‘outside sources’ further broadened the eclectic mix of ideas and imagery.  Tessa showed a fine panel of RPS Fellowship images by Susan Bullock FRPS upon the theme of fear and insecurity.  Regrettably, upon this occasion, we’re unable to provide a link.   In contrast, Clive selected a set of 35mm film negatives recovered from a disastrous fire and subsequent water damage by New Jersey-based photographer, Lynne Breitfeller. 
Here’s the link: After the Fire Water: Damaged

All members’ work from our session can be seen in our Viewpoint e-book for this month.  Click on the image below or this link:  Viewpoint and choose the December editionThe same link provides access to many previous issues of ‘Viewpoint’ - a fascinating treasure-trove waiting for you to explore!