Our November session embraced a wide range of genres for everyone to enjoy.

Jenny Rees Mann bravely revealed her experience when admitted to hospital.  Taking a photo-journalistic approach, she recorded her ‘Ten Hours on a Trolley’.

Architecture, buildings, bricks and mortar provided both the stimuli and backdrops for several members:  Dr. Charles Ashton revealed how Battersea Power Station has been repurposed, while Nigel Reader captured the striking lines of Birmingham Library through selected viewpoints, reflections and interior angles.  Combined with historical references and recollections, local scenes in and around Worcester from Geoff Hicks provided insights and intrigue, whilst graffiti-daubed brick walls of local railway arches were the focus for Bob Oakley’s lens. 

Maintaining the link with buildings, Clive Haynes’ continuing series ‘Behind the Altar’, explored ‘back-stage’ within small churches in Pembrokeshire.

Street photography in London was the attraction for Lucy Allum as she successfully explored the genre for the first time. The connection with people continued when Stewart Bourne showed his short AV, ‘Back to the Future – Tomorrow Belongs to Me’ with its strong personal references upon reflection and disillusionment within UK society.

Paul Mann treated us to another eclectic compilation of gems from his ‘365’ series.

We enjoyed two ‘Outside Sources’. The first was a beautifully distinctive and highly successful ARPS submission by Anastasia Potekhina in which she carefully crafted intimate personal narratives.  With herself as the subject and well-considered compositions frequently employing mirrors and reflections, her approach was a sparkling yet quirky delight.  Although her ARPS panel isn’t currently available on her Flickr account, this link to her studies will provide much interest, including some of her ARPS images: Anastasia Potekhina

The second Outside Source from Kristin Schnell revealed an original approach to the colourful birds of Brazil.  With hand-constructed sets and splendid colour combinations we enjoyed not only a visual treat but one with a purpose. Here’s the link:  ‘Birds on Stage’ and ‘Farewell

More of her work can be found here: Kristin Schnell

All members’ work from our session can be seen in our Viewpoint e-book for this month.  Click on the image below or this link:  Viewpoint and choose the November editionThe same link provides access to many previous issues of ‘Viewpoint’ - a fascinating treasure-trove waiting for you to explore!