Conventions and functions of the AV Group

The primary objective of Worcestershire Camera Club's AV Group is to provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relating to audio visual photography, using music, sound recording and the production of audio-visual sequences.

We wish to motivate and encourage newcomers to the AV pastime, no matter how inexperienced they may be. We want them to develop their interest and enjoyment of the hobby to the limits of their ability or ambitions. We will provide an opportunity for members to show their work for constructive comment and also provide opportunities for competition among members and further afield if so desired. Our more experienced members will demonstrate their working methods and willingly share their knowledge. 

We will develop a comprehensive syllabus, to allow members to develop their potential and give help and guidance to those wishing to progress to Distinctions and National and International competition level as required.

We pledge to involve members as far as practicable in the running of various aspects of the group, by providing a forum for the expression of personal views and suggestions for the improvement of the group in the interest of the general membership.

Worcestershire Camera Club is renowned for its friendliness. We are supportive and encourage discussion, and invite the exchange of ideas and constructive comment.

Members Audio-visuals - Please remember that AVs are always personal to the individual who has produced them, be cautious about criticism as they may contain personal memories.

How we work

  • We work as a group to support everyone’s learning and development. 

Members comments

  • We comment positively on something that works well and then identify one aspect for improvement, with a constructive suggestion of how that might be achieved.
  • When receiving critique, we take it in the spirit of help intended and we value feedback from all members.  


When critique is invited, the following points should always be remembered: 

  • Firstly, a critique should always be constructive.
  • The process of critique should only be conducted by someone with established expertise in the genre.
  • They should also be suitably skilled in providing advice and to be capable of showing acknowledgement of effort and be able to both courteously and tactfully provide guidance for improvement.
  • Other forms of observation can take the form of 'evaluation and interpretation' where once again it should be offered in a positive and supportive way.

Critique' differs from 'comment or opinion'.

A 'critique' tends to be more formal, structured and as far as possible dispassionate, whereas a 'comment or opinion' usually represents a personal point of view.


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