Worcestershire Camera Club meets face to face at Bishop Allenby Hall, remotely via Zoom, or at the British Legion Claines, with a starting time of 19:30The meeting location is specified in the programme pages.  SIG members will receive emails confirming their meeting location - SIG information can be found  here.  In case of difficulties accessing online meetings, please contact the Zoom Team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

September 2023

Tuesday 5th Richard Broomfield - "open-air meeting at Diglis Canal Basin"


Following a welcome introduction to new members and a welcome back to old, we are really pleased to offer an evening with a slight difference! Instead of a straightforward club walk, we have received the generous offer of support from some of our expert club members who will demonstrate their skills in a range of scenarios around the canal basin by providing guided/supported teach-ins.

I’m really pleased to report that the following experts will be on hand on 5th Sept for our opening club night at Diglis

Clive - Abstract

Tessa - Reflections

Nigel - Shadows

Bob - Double Exposure

Chris - Portrait (through theory advice around positioning and settings etc)

Afterwards, we hope you will join us for a social drink at The Anchor Inn to celebrate the start of our new season.

Location: Diglis Canal Basin. (WR5 3BW)

Thursday 7th  Contemporary Group Meeting 

(Meeting hosts Clive Haynes and Tessa Mills)

Location: Zoom.

Tuesday 12th Dr Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP/G BPE 5 - "Taking Street Photography to the next level."

We will start with how to develop technique in street photography and how to make the ordinary extraordinary using POV light, exposure and weather and anything else available. I will then take the audience through my successful fellowship panel on demonstrations in the Summer of 2020 and Spring 2021 which combines elements of street and documentary photography.

Location: Bishop Allenby Hall.

Thursday 14th  Photography Development Group  

(Meeting host Duncan Locke)

Location: Bishop Allenby.

Tuesday 19th David Watts - "Above and Below"

Location: Zoom.

Thursday 21st Digital Imaging Group  

(Meeting host: Nigel Reader)

Location: Zoom.

Hand in for PDI Competition 1 Closes Friday 22nd September

Tuesday 26thPDI Competition 1- "Judge-John Haines"

Location: Zoom.

Thursday 28th Audio Visual Group

(Meeting host Steve Chilton)

Location: Zoom.


Friday 29th Clive Haynes FRPS - "The Photoshop Hour"

Clive Haynes FRPS is delivering a number of tutorials on Photoshop. Club members will be able to watch the all of the videos in the tutorial section of the members website.

Location: Zoom.