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Our April meeting provided a wide range of content.

Topicality, the prospect of travel, reflections upon ‘the new normal’ and personal introspection were all strands which featured in presentations by 12 CPG members during this month’s session. Our two ‘outside sources’ provided further stimulation.

Kaz Diller illustrated how his family was directly affected by the Russian annexation of Poland during WWII, in his reflective set of images about how history can repeat itself. 

Bob Oakley swept us to St. Petersburg where overpoweringly fine mosaics of the Church of the Saviour on blood remind us of the continuing power of the church in Russia.  Paul Mann introduced us to the elegance and pristine splendour of the Church of Hallgrimur in Iceland whilst, in contrast, Clive Haynes took us behind the scenes and into the darker recesses of small English churches in his continuing series about what goes on ‘Behind the Altar’.

Dr. Charles Ashton explored the delights of ‘Manhattan Steam’ whilst closer to home, albeit in North Wales, Gill Haynes introduced us to the importance of Barmouth Bridge for the seaside town. Remaining by the seaside, Nigel Reader conducted us along the Lower Promenade at Bournemouth, where the diversity of beach huts is of particular interest.

Ruth Bourne featured the pollution of our seas through her interpretation of a powerful exhibition installation upon the subject in Lisbon.

Tessa Mills continued her personal journey which, through multiple exposures, continues to explore her relationship with her shadow.   Also, through the use of multiple-exposures, Jenny Mann revealed her discovery of ‘fugitives’ within a quiet woodland. 

The Coronavirus pandemic remains a looming presence influencing our lifestyle and choices.  This backdrop informed the images of both Alex Isaacs and Peter Young in their visual commentaries about what has become ‘the new normal’.

Our outside sources this month featured the work of Gail Samuelson and Edna Burke.  Click on the links below to discover more.

‘Passing Through’ - Gail Samuelson - Using the diptych format inspired her to create a meditation on both her home and the world around that home by seeking the connections between the two. 

Passing Through

‘Homebound with my Parents - Edna Burke
.  A wry, inventive and colourful look at ‘Lockdown’.

Homebound with my Parents


All members images and individual statements are ready to be reviewed in this month’s edition of ‘Viewpoint’.  Click on the image or use this link:  Viewpoint