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Early spring and our March meeting showed many ‘fresh shoots’.

Our Contemporary Group prides itself upon being wide-ranging and eclectic and our session confirmed this by its range of content and different approaches.

Three of our contributors revealed aspects of three very different cities. Dr. Charles Ashton focused upon two bridges in New York and their relationship to people, whilst Bob Oakley caused us to raise our eyes towards the grandeur and decay of windows in St. Petersburg.  Remaining in Europe, Paul Mann asked us to appreciate the architectural beauty of The City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) in Valencia, Spain by contrasting views by day and at night.

More narrowly focused themes were represented by Nigel Reader with his set of a finely observed grisaille pictures of mysterious trees in fog, whilst Lucy Allum went in close to share her affectionate interpretation of leaves, especially during their later stages of their life.

Two of members chose a contemporary / documentary approach to their subjects to pose the question, ‘why?’  Geoff Hicks explored the dereliction of Pottery Lane in Chesterfield and Eric Williams interpreted the demise of the fishing industry in Ullapool through a solitary abandoned inshore fishing boat.

Tessa Mills presented a sensitive personal meditation in which she confronted being ‘alone’.  The insubstantial presence of her shadow, confirmed her sense of ‘self’ whilst in juxtaposition with the solid forms of arches, doorways and railings within the onetime grandeur of Witley Court.

Representing the ‘eclectic approach’, though remaining strongly themed, three of our Group sought expression through widely differing topics.  Stewart Bourne stimulated sensations of curiosity through the disturbing presences of old careworn dolls and his selective view of strictly functional pieces of everyday equipment.  Peter Young’s acute observation wittily associated words juxtaposed with the content of the scene.  Clive Haynes chose ‘numbers’ to reveal how, through associated understanding and knowledge, they could have meanings beyond the mundane. 

Our two outside sources provided two very different viewpoints.

We’re used to seeing inspirational work featured in our ‘Outside Sources’ each month.  However, once in a while we’re introduced to a truly powerful series of images.  This month presented such an opportunity with ‘MAMMA, In the Meantime’ by artist and photographer, Tony Luciani in his insightful, compassionate, tender series about his 90-year-old mother and her dementia. In this his mother cooperated fully, entering with her sense of fun to reveal the relationship with her son.  We saw a few of these studies but there are many more to enjoy.  Click on this link. MAMA in the Meantime

Our other ‘source’ featured the work of Cathy Cone.  ‘Rewinding Forward’ is an ongoing project representing events and personal experiences in a continuum.  Link:   Rewinding Forward

All members images and individual statements are ready to be seen in this month’s edition of ‘Viewpoint’.  Click on the image or use this link:  Viewpoint