Internal Competition Results for 2020 - 21 Season

Click on a competition class link (Adv or Int) to view the list of scores (opens as a PDF in a separate window), or click on Leading Images to see those images awarded 18 or more in that round.


Round 1 PDI Adv PDI Int     Leading Images
Round 2 PDI Adv  PDI Int r   Leading Images
Round 3 PDI Adv PDI Int      Leading Images
Round 4 PDI Adv PDI Int r    Leading Images
Round 5 PDI Adv   PDI Int     Leading Images 
Round 6 PDI Adv  PDI Int      Leading Images 
Aggregate after 6 rounds PDI Adv  PDI Int  r     
Annual Comps  Nature PDI Nature Print  Worker of The Year AV Open AV Photo Harm
Annual Show  PDI Creative PDI Nature PDI Open PDI Worcs  PDI Mono
Annual Show Print Creative  Print Nature  Print Open  Print Worcs  Print Mono 
Annual Show Awards        Test