Firstly, I had done very little printing until embarking upon this project, all of my work prior to this was done for me by a commercial printing company.

I bought a new Epson ET - 7750 during a visit to the Photography Show earlier in the year, on impulse I must add. I made the purchase because I was so impressed with the quality of printing that was being done using this model at the time of my visit. I needed a new challenge so began to learn more about printing techniques, I decided from that point on to do my own printing.

The help I received from club members was invaluable in the early stages of my work, my sincere thanks go to Martin and Clive for their understanding and guidance, I would have struggled without them.

Soon after registering for the WCC specialist diploma I attended a day long Permajet Digital Printing Workshop. The Permajet staff greatly helped my understanding, Lousie Hill, Leigh Preston and Pete Johnson are all worthy of a mention. I found the workshop to be very useful and I recommend that any club member wishing to expand their printing knowledge should consider attending one of these workshops.

Until beginning work on my specialist printing diploma I knew only the very basics about printing, I now feel confident about doing my own work and consider the entire experience, from start to finish, to have been totally worthwhile.

My panel consists of fifteen images of random sizes, no attempt was made to produce symmetry, colour coordination or flow as is the norm for most photographic panels. All mounts were cut by me to suit the size, format and orientation of the individual images.

I used several printing papertypes, all papers are produced by Permajet, and they were selected by me to suit what I believed the subject matter required.

These were my chosen subject and paper type.

  1. Borth Groyne – Permajet Fine Art Silk Paper
  2. Chesterton Windmill – Permajet Oyster Paper
  3. Cosmo Two – Permajet Fine Art Silk Paper
  4. Dunstanburgh Castle – Permajet Fine Art Paper
  5. Fishing Huts & Mt Olstinden - Permajet Fine Art Paper
  6. Forlorn – Permajet Gloss 271 Paper
  7. Four Eyes Tryptic – Permajet Fine Art Paper
  8. Fractal Burst – Permajet Oyster Paper
  9. Male Bullfinch – Permajet FB Royal Gloss 310 Paper
  10. Red Kite - Permajet Oyster Paper
  11. Rook Landing – Permajet FB Royal Gloss 310 Paper
  12. Southwold Pier at Dawn – Permajet Fine Art Paper
  13. St Brides Bay Cottages – Permajet Fine Art Paper
  14. Wreck of the Mary D Hume – Permajet Matt Plus 240 Paper
  15. Zabriskie Point – Permajet Oyster Paper

Barrie Glover ARPS, DPAGB, BPE4, WSDP3