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Barrie Glover WSDP3

Barrie is the first WCC member to successfully complete three WCC Diplomas in Photography, as reflected in the 'distinction' 'WSDP3'.

I had done very little printing until embarking upon this project, all of my work prior to this was done for me by a commercial printing company. After buying a new Epson ET - 7750 on impulse at the Photography Show I decided I needed a new challenge so began to learn more about printing techniques. 

The help I received from club members was invaluable in the early stages of my work, my sincere thanks go to Martin and Clive for their understanding and guidance, I would have struggled without them.

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Wiola Ryczkowska WGDP

Assessor's Comments:

  • A most interesting and individualistic panel which strongly reveals original artistic seeing.
  • An excellent variety of subjects with many from not obvious sources.
  • Wiola's photography has progressed well from the start of her photographic journey, showing strong evidence of an 'artistic photographer’s eye'.

Wiola writes:

"It took me 2 years to succeed and achieve the Diploma in General Photography. It was longer and harder than I thought but absolutely worth it.

I have never met tutors so patient and helpful before, I would not have made it without them. The support is amazing. I would recommend this programme to everyone in the club".


Susan Lewis WGDP

Assessor's Comments:

  • A well presented panel offering variety and ways of seeing.
  • Good range of imagery from action to abstract and from different atmospheric conditions to humour (the cow amongst the cow-parsley)
  • The lacy pattern with its complex shadow is very well seen.

Susan writes:

"I signed up for the WCC General Diploma in January 2017. I was full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, other aspects of my life got in the way and I was not able to devote the time needed to improve my photography. Consequently, when I entered my first panel for assessment in December 2017 I had a 'referral' - four of my images were not up to scratch.
I decided to go back to the drawing board.

During the last year I have had more time to devote to my photography and have greatly improved my camera and technical skills.

It has been a long journey but finally in February 2019 my new panel has been successful.
The WCC Diploma Scheme is to be commended and I am now fired up to work on a specialised subject and even an LRPS.

I would like to thank Maddy for her early mentoring, Judy for her tuition in Lightroom, Tessa for her gentle and positive critique and Clive for encouraging me “to get on with it!"


Nick Baldwin WGDP

Assessor's Comments:

  • Well balanced panel of landscapes. Each image has a 'feeling of place'.
  • Variety is conveyed through lighting differences and the 'intimate landscape' of the stream.
  • The well considered combination of both colour and the monochrome prints works to good effect.

Nick writes:

"I joined the Club primarily because I want to improve my photography skills. Soon after joining I entered a couple of pictures into the PDI competition and got some positive feedback. Being keen to learn I realised that the best way to improve was to enter the Diploma scheme. This gave me the necessary focus for improving my technical camera skills and learning new artistic skills needed for composition, processing and using monochrome.

I normally process my images in Lightroom but soon learnt that I needed to do more to bring my images to life. I got lots of helpful advice from Judy Knights, my Advisor, who spent time showing me how to improve my images using Photoshop and Nik filters. As I selected images for my panel I received helpful critiques and some more Photoshop techniques from Clive Haynes and Jayne Winter. Having successfully gained my General Diploma I’m keen to start on a WCC Specialised Diploma".


Terry Wells WGDP

Assessor's Comments:

  • A well designed panel showing good balance and a strong arrangement.
  • Very pleasing set with a good personal input from the photographer.
  • Diverse material well balanced to make a harmonious display.
  • The portraits are expressive with period atmosphere.

Terry writes:

"Working on a WCC diploma makes you aware of what to look out for in a photograph. It encourages you to get out there with your camera and take images. I've learned a lot about technique and how to balance a panel. And finally I would like to thank Clive for his hard work and patience in supporting my progress to my first WCC diploma".


Successful submissions from Lawrence Keen and Judy Knights added January 2019

Lawrence Keen

Assessors' Comments:
 The images displayed good seeing and variety. The railway image is full of energy and power, whilst in contrast the prison yard provides an example of a personal response and 'intuitive seeing'. The 'dark sky' image complete with stars and a well illuminated landscape is very well done, whilst in contrast, dawn along the riverside is beautifully and lyrically portrayed. Lawrence has worked diligently to present a good range of pictures to illustrate the required level of competence to gain the General Diploma. Many congratulations to Lawrence, who can now add WGDP to his name!

Lawrence writes:

"Very much a novice, I joined the club around 18 months ago with the hope of developing my interest in photography which I have held for many years.
 About a year ago I read up about the diploma scheme and I immediately decided that I should enrol and during the year I contacted the team and started to submit images for critique, this is where I really started to understand the quality and composition the images require. The help and advice available both from the diploma team and that gleaned from attending the Thursday specialist meetings have been invaluable in me attaining my diploma.

Special thanks to Clive & particularly Maddy for the advice and direction given in response to many emails.
 As my knowledge and confidence develops I have no hesitation in moving on to a specialist diploma and recommending other members to join the scheme."


Judy Knights

Judy presented an excellent print panel for her 'Abstract & Pattern' Specialised Diploma. The panel comprised 15 prints arranged as three lines of five. The assessors were most impressed and excited by the standard of work, as well as the imagination and coherency of the panel.

Assessors' Comments:

  • Well panelled and the square format is very attractive.
  • Thoughtfully conceived with all images relevant and well-related. Panel illustrates variety yet remains cohesive.
  • Beautifully printed and mounted. 
  • The textures are quite velvety, the colour palette reminiscent of richly brocaded fabrics with jewel-like tones. 
  • The panel viewed as an entity possesses an aura of creative intentionality.


Judy writes: 
"After a difficult year or so I felt my photography needed ‘rebooting’! This was around the time that Clive instigated the Club’s Diploma scheme - so I signed up for the ‘Pattern & Abstract’ Specialised Diploma. I know I wanted to be taken out of my ‘comfort zone’ - but goodness - did I struggle at the start! Without Ruth’s encouragement I could well have given up, it was only after I bought an iPhone and started working with the apps that things became more ‘exciting’!! I was thrilled with the way that quite ordinary images could be combined to produce a new vibrant image quite often with no recognisable connection to the originals! I am so pleased that the diploma assessors liked this panel as I really enjoyed working on it - eventually!

I really would recommend taking on one of these Diplomas - it is an excellent way to improve or completely change your style of photography".


Gill Haynes - added January 2019

Assessors Comments:

  • Good sense of depth, colour & seeing
  • Excellent in terms of composition, exposure and interest
  • Evident skills shown to coherently 'panel' the images
  • A well balanced panel with a good mixture of landscape subjects.
  • Printing and mounting of the highest quality

Gill's Thoughts

I was lucky enough to spend much of my childhood in the Somerset countryside and I grew up with a love of its landscapes. The Diploma Scheme gave me the wonderful opportunity to learn how to photograph such scenes. Through friendly advice the Club's Landscape Advisors explained the principles of composition and demonstrated how to use tonal management in order to bring pictures to life and allow them to express a mood or a narrative. They also reviewed my work offering kindly and constructive criticism.

It has been a very positive experience and I'd certainly recommend the Diploma route to anyone wishing to improve their photography.


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