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Harry Wilkie

Assessors' comments:

  • A splendid variety of subjects from insects to mammals
  • Excellent control of macro photography
  • Good choice of the 'critical moment'
  • Excellent colour harmony
  • Lovely balanced presentation

Heather Mann

Assessors' comments:

  • Good variety of subject matter
  • Accurate focus
  • Good separation of subject from background
  • Appropriate environmental details
  • Attractive presentation and choice of framing


Successful submissions from Paul Minshull, Greg McLoughlin and Dick Sabey added February 2018

Diploma Successes Continue...

Paul Minshull

Some comments from the assessors:

  • Good illustrations, with a variety of subjects.
  • Appropriate and balanced mix of subjects included architecture, animals, portrait and an action shot.
  • The fair-ground ride shows excitement and real enthusiasm from the subjects.
  • A well caught moment and interestingly positioned in the frame.
  • Central abstracted mono worked well.


Paul's thoughts...

Like many amateurs I have been happy to bump along taking pictures for years. Some in my opinion good, some not so good. I joined the WCC a couple of years ago and found that I lacked many of the basic skills. Competition nights were a particular wake-up call. When the Diploma scheme came along I had two choices: carrying on as before or break out into the unknown and have a go. The experience was at times challenging to say the least as I could not use any of my previous images, I had to go out and start again. It took a number of months to come up with my first five images. By September, I had what I thought were 10 reasonable photographs to work on. After discussions with my mentors, I realised I had more work to do to create a balanced set. Eventually I made it. A big thank you to Maddy and Clive for their time and patience, as well as other members of the Club who kept me going.


Greg McLoughlin

Some comments from the assessors:

  • Good panelling and very well presented.
  • All images are of good technical quality, showing an attractive and wide variety of subjects.
  • The spontaneous environmental portrait of the couple was captured at a good moment adding personality to the subjects.
  • The Intentional Camera Movement created an interesting and balanced abstract.
  • Malvern landscape works well with its moment of dramatic lighting.

Greg's thoughts...

Whilst the diploma has at times challenged me it has been an opportunity, not just to gain more skills, but to look at my photography in new and interesting ways. What a great innovation the club has made with the diploma scheme, I can't recommend it highly enough. I cannot finish without praise for the mentoring. Thank you Clive and all the members of the club whose little chats have given me confidence.


Dick Sabey

Dick Sabey has recently gained a WCC Specialised Diploma for his AV submission - Worcestershire Bridges. Listen here...


Diplomas from Catherine Lane, Val Dawson, Ann Hoath & Keith Norrington

From Clive Haynes FRPS, WCC Diploma Scheme Co-ordinator

"It was good to see four diverse panels which successfully illustrated the craft skills and 'seeing' required for this level of photography, plus evidence of an individual approach. The four successful participants had worked hard and taken advantage of advice and support given. They are now ready to move on to the next level and choose a Specialist Topic within the scheme. Our hearty congratulations to them all."

Catherine Lane WGDP


Val Dawson WGDP


Ann Hoath WGDP


Keith Norrington WGDP


Barrie Glover WSDP2 - Audio-Visual Diploma

Here are some of the stills from Barrie's AV Diploma submission. Click on an image to enlarge and show slideshow controls.



Harry Wilkie WGDP


Barrie Glover WSDP


Mike Rudge WGDP

Successful submission for the General Diploma, presented as PDIs (Projected Digital Images)

Click on an image to enlarge and also see slideshow controls.


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