Successful diplomas this year...


 April 2023

Tineke Morgan WGDP

General Diploma 

A selection of comments from the Assessors …..

 #1. The painter is a nice study of an artist in action. We can sense the concentration as she applies ink to the paper in the most complex patterns.

 #4. Well produced. The composition is good and the technical quality is excellent. The close bond between mother and baby is evident with mum being vigilant and protective while urging her baby to explore the possibilities of life - well, of sand in this instance!

 #5. A well framed image and a good support for the rh side of the panel. It’s always difficult to photograph in this direct strong sunlight but Tineke has done well to produce an image with so much detail. A nice tranquil photograph.

 #8. A competent floral still-life with an elegant simplicity and gentle colour harmony.

 “Tineke has produced an interesting set of photographs, varied in subject matter and approach”.

 Bob Train, Tineke’s Adviser says …..

“Tineke's determination and ambition has meant that she has learned the techniques required to produce her panel. It has been a pleasure to work with her as she has accepted my challenges and developed her skill. She has a great eye for a shot .  Now on to the next project Tineke!”

Tineke says, …..

I joined the Worcestershire Camera Club in January 2019.

I’ve worked at my own pace towards my General Diploma.

I would like to say thank you to Clive Haynes and Bob Train for their support, their positive critique and the ongoing guidance for me to complete my diploma.  Thank you very much.

I also received a lot of support from skilled and experienced members of the club. They were all very helpful. Thank you very much.

Now, I am looking forward to my next challenge and prepare myself for a Specialised Diploma.

I am very grateful and proud to be a member of the family of the Worcestershire Camera Club.

Thank you.



April 2023

Nick Baldwin WSDP2 (Black & White)

Specialised Diploma 

London Southbank Images

My comfort zone is colour landscape images. I started this diploma thinking I could create black and white images of the same subjects. I quickly learnt that making good black and white images required a different approach. I also learnt that buildings can make good black and white subjects.

I am spending a lot of time in London looking after our granddaughter, so I turned my attention to cityscapes around the River Thames. These images are my take on the sights photographed by the many tourists that are a feature of the Southbank and City of London.

Selection of Assessors comments…..

“This is an interesting set of images of well-known London buildings and views.  Technically they have all been well handled, despite many being taken in very strong lighting conditions”.

“Nick has succeeded very well in accomplishing the intention of his ‘statement’.

 A very accomplished and well put together panel showing both taking and processing skills of the highest order. It shows a very clear understanding of the particular approaches required to achieve good quality black and white results. There is clever use of shape, texture and line, allied with a skilful processing technique which adjusts and modifies tonal range where necessary so that the viewer’s eye is directed where the photographer wants it to go. I also admire the astute use of formatting size to ensure that the images sit well together as a panel. An undoubted success and a very fine representation of the chosen part of the city”.

 “Nick's panel is well balanced and has images that have been chosen carefully to produce a cohesive and visually pleasing whole.

“He’s produced a series of images that convey a specific mood and tone with a mix of images that are related to the common theme of urban landscapes”.

“In summary, the panel is thoughtfully put together, visually striking and emotionally resonant”.


February 2023

Andy Harrison WGDP

General Diploma 

Assessors Comments

An impressive collection of images, with a delightful diversity of subjects. He has sought fresh points of view, finding best advantage in unusual image content.

All images are well taken, well controlled and show an understanding of camera-craft. Also evident is an individual photographer's input with Andy's personal style asserting itself.

An excellent example of a WCC General Diploma.

A good, varied panel which deserves the Diploma.

Not easy to capture, Tower Bridge at night is particularly interesting.’ ‘...The queue at twilight’ might be considered a ‘risky image’ at this level of photography. However, the assessors were impressed by the degree of ‘risk-taking’ and confidence to submit this style of picture. ‘Intent’ is important, and this was clearly expressed.’