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The CPG session once again proved to be brimming with variety and interest. 

Contributions from members included images about 'concealment' from Alex's recent South America journey,  then Eric took us to southern Australia to explore 'Nature as Sculptor'.  Another distant location came from Charles with his interpretations of New York.  Closer to home,  Barrie's contribution included some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) pictures,  then Maddy's camera enjoyed some individualistic aspects of Brighton, and next Bob swept us 'up north' to Goole Docks where gaunt cranes stand etched against the sky.   Ruth showed more images from her 'Disconnected' series and Stewart captured the dark sculptural forms of the estuary hulks at Purton.  Venturing abroad again, James showed a set from his recent trip to Venice in winter with particular reference to this echoing, shadowy and deserted city in the depths of the night.  In contrast Clive presented his series 'Bonfire of The Vanities which reflected upon the human desire to accumulate objects and indulge in opulence. Nigel explored the presence of trees within the urban environment with pictures that included their shadows, revealing their presence by implication rather than form.  Peter also sought aspects of a city, this time Worcester through a series of quirky observational details.  Tessa showed her interpretations of a recent railway train journey to London whilst Judy illustrated aspects of Prague.

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During the refreshment break Charles showed a panel of his prints and this attracted a great deal of attention.  James invited us to peruse his recent photo-book.  This contained many examples of his outstanding photography.


Above: Charles and his panel of prints



Above:  James & Tessa                                              Above:  James' Photo-Book


We were able to include three fascinating, 'outside sources'.  Representing the RPS Distinction, Tessa attended the British Photography Wards ceremony at The Savoy, London and shared some of the work by the award-winning  photographers. The work of J. Frederic May revealed the world he experienced after a major stroke disrupted his sight.  The minimalistic approach to an aspect of sports photography was very much enjoyed through Klaus Lenzen's elegant set showing aspects of the pole-vault.  Bringing work to the group from a wide range of sources expands our horizons. It's certainly both visually and mentally stimulating to appreciate forms and expressions of photography beyond what one might normally expect.  What a delight it is to be surprised and intrigued by insightful images about the world and people about us.

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