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Our first meeting of 2019 marked the beginning of our fifth year for the CPG and it proved to be as fascinating and diverse as usual.

If it could be said there was a 'central theme' to the evening then it would be 'pictures without people' as by and large the work we enjoyed and explored, featured scenes where people were absent, the presence of human activity only evident through artefact or by implication.

Here's a flavour of the content:  Nigel illustrated aspects of urban geometry through monochrome studies of buildings and details, Eric continued this theme by exploring Gloucester Gaol, contrasting the harsh and factual environment with interpretive imagery created by ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).  Maddy swept us away to the Caribbean into the confines of cells in the former French penal colony of Devil's Island, whilst James revealed the evocative interiors of abandoned homes from Namibia to the Scottish Highlands.  In contrast and seasonally, Lucy illustrated the chilly beauty of frost patterns on window panes and Bob took us to Lichfield Cathedral to enjoy the spectacle of son et lumière where projected imagery merged with soaring architecture.  Quirky and resourcefully observational as ever, Peter showed intriguing objet trouvé and other oddities discovered in parts of Worcester.  Karen's contribution was a delightfully constructed 'pigeon-hole'- style series of compartments, where each 'cell' contained a luminous and beautifully sculptured beech leaf. Barrie presented his work as two contrasting AV sequences, 'ICM on the Chevin', which, coincidentally featured beach trees and leaves, whilst his the other sequence, 'Val d'Orcia' was set in the sweeping landscape of Tuscany.  Tessa continued her series of near abstract images to support her ongoing theme, 'Penetrating Light'.  Clive's work, from his 'Persistence Memory' series used in-camera double-exposure methods to evoke the transient spirit of rooms where layers of history and states of being interact.

We had time for three 'outside sources' which were:  'Flowers for Lisa' by Abelardo Morell, 'True Places' by Jack Carnell and the non-camera based photography of Paula Riff with 'Shibui' (the Japanese concept to express the aesthetic of simple, subtle unobtrusive beauty) and 'Blue is Not the Sky'. Click upon the image to open the link.


Flowers for Lisa
Real Places
Paula Riff


Another wonderful evening full of rewarding photography, discussion and observation spiced with good humour!

The gallery below offers a selection of what we enjoyed.

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