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The December meeting of the Contemporary Group was a very lively and most interesting session with wide range of work to enjoy. 

During the course of the evening we enjoyed a succession of fascinating images from our members.  Here’s a brief description:  Darren explored street photography in New York, contrasting this with his off-road expedition in the Alps where he discovered an old fortress wreathed in clouds. Nigel’s series reminded us about parts of Birmingham that have disappeared and to complement this, Karen illustrated aspects of an old kaolin clay drying factory in Cornwall.  Bob swept us to Alesund in Norway where the individualistic cheek-by-jowl Art Nouveau architecture is the result of rebuilding the town after the devastating fire in 1904.  Alex’s personal and observational work continued his on-going theme about the human condition. Maddy showed another aspect of human behaviour, this time enthusiasts who annually celebrate Mod culture in Brighton.  Next it was to India when Heather revealed aspects of traditional life which continue to persist in the 21st century.  Mark showed a set of pictures to illustrate the loneliness of people upon the vast beach at Redcar. Terry shared a set of atmospheric images from different parts of the UK.  Clive’s contribution was an update from his continuing ‘Behind the Altar’ series which reveals many of the quirky items to be discovered ‘back-stage’ in various churches. Tessa’s set illustrated how the presence of the photographer can influence the picture - and can be used to effect.

Two AVs were featured, ‘Old Barns & Sheds’ from Barrie,which took us to parts of the USA, while nearer to home, Peter’s ‘Multi-Storey’ was a clever narrative interpretation of moments of life revealed through aspects of a car-park.

Ann and John Hoath brought fascinating prints. Ann continued her eloquent mixed-media theme, 'Threads', featuring prints combined with the original artefact.  John presented three wonderful photo-print 'sculptures', 'Shirt', 'Bike' and 'Caught', which included a poem. 

Above:  Ann with a print from 'Threads'

Above:  John's Photo-Sculptures

We continued our exploration of the blurred boundary between 'Fine Art' and 'Contemporary' genres in a discussion led by Tessa. Two ‘outside sources’ were used to illustrate this crossover.  One, a successful FRPS panel, 'City Break' by Peter Stevens FRPS, showed through multiple-exposures the stop-frame, blurred impression a tourist could experience when visiting London. The other was a mixed media work, ‘Lineations’ by Sandi Haber-Fifield, where photographs and other materials were beautifully combined.


Above:  An example from 'City Break' by Peter Stevens


From 'Lineations 2' by Sandi Haber-Fifield

Here are the two links:

There was a most definite buzz to the event, with many conversations and a high level of interest in the work seen.  During the break we enjoyed mince pies provided by Karen Dewson and Peter Willis and cakes from Tessa.


Another brilliant evening of rich and rewarding photography!

The group continues to embrace the widest gamut of photography, seeking expression for photography without borders, truly ‘Photographie sans Frontièrs!' 

The gallery below offers a small glimpse of what we enjoyed.

October CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows to shuttle through, or your keyboard arrow keys.