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We've enjoyed many a splendid night of photography in this group but the October meeting was particularly outstanding.

With a large attendance and many members wishing to share their work we were treated to an exceptional range of photography, approaches and styles.

Here's an overview to give a taste of the flavour and content.

Alex presented figures in motion interpreted through ICM whilst Maddy shared moments from a visit to Cambridge. We were taken to France by Barrie with his set of 'French Doors’; in contrast, Tessa took us into the claustrophobic confines of a WWII German Submarine.  Surfacing, our senses were immediately disturbed by Peter Y’s Escher-like, angular, graphic images which included rooms, staircases and escalators.  To further confound our sense of reality, Richard S led us through successively distorted depictions of descent into insanity!  Eric brought us firmly back to reality with his interpretation of buildings awaiting regeneration in Liverpool.  In need of visual refreshment, Jennie M invited us to share a set of luminous pastoral landscapes in the moist and misty dawn of Tuscany. We’re always ready to interpret abstract work; Nigel presented a set of ‘Moonscapes’ which originated near the beach at Whitby. The theme of 'Nature Regaining Control' was eloquently illustrated by Bob with his series showing a dilapidated greenhouse. Crossing the Atlantic, Mark revealed his response to the dynamism and grit of New York. Ever darkly observational, Stewart’s keen sense of the quirkiness life and the ‘pensive moment’ were revealed through his set of ten images. Clive chose a colourfully graphic approach to explore shapes and juxtapositions found in a small lido, whilst in contrast, Paul D took us to a-resort-that-never-was on the island of La Gomera, where only the abandoned, desolate, beginnings of construction remain.  Angie shared her personal response to the ancient 'guardian trees' upon Woodbury Hill and the ‘wire wraiths’ which coil in the gloom, whilst in a lighter mood, John H presented beautifully diffuse images of ‘people watching people’.

We also enjoyed four short AV’s of diverse content.  ‘Occulus’ from Paul M (and music by The MJQ) explored Santiago Calatrava's renown World Trade Centre Transportation Hub in New York, Barrie indulged in ‘High-Key Birds’, 'Ruth's brief AV, Patiently Waiting, looked at what we infer about people from just a small element of their body language (with a passing comment on the distraction of the mobile phone!), then James took us to the harsh and arid ghost-towns and fierce landscape of Namibia.

Our two ‘outside sources’ this session offered very different approaches. ‘Reflections’ by Neil Johansson made visual statements about how empty shops can remain populated by passers-by as they appear outside-in by their reflected presence in windows. In the series ‘Interruptions’, by Daniel McCulough, we experienced a very different approach to photography.  Using scratches upon film as ‘blind drawing’ prior to exposure, he presented a fiercely independent view of everyday subjects.


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What an evening!  And what a diverse, rich and rewarding feast of photography!

The gallery below offers a small glimpse of what we enjoyed.

October CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows to shuttle through, or your keyboard arrow keys.