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The September meeting of the Contemporary Group proved once again to be a most enjoyable and fruitful session. 

To give a flavour of the variety of images we enjoyed during the curing the course of the evening here's a brief summary. 

Barrie and Barbara have recently returned from a cruise off the coast of Alaska.  Barrie has a plethora of fascinating images ranging from enormous glaciers to the Alaskans themselves.  Clive’s continuing series, ‘Behind the Altar’, revealed yet more curiosities and revelations from ‘the vestry’.  After a recent visit to Orford Ness Bob, using infrared photography, showed a series of evocative pictures that depicted ‘The Deserted Landscape’.

Judy’s set revealed how graffiti or ‘street art’ has occupied vacant spaces upon the facades of buildings in the area of The Custard Factory, Birmingham, whilst Alex provided much food for thought with his images illustrating people in transition, moving from one place to another.  Using an iPhone Nigel presented a set of monochrome photos showing close-up details of ‘natural geometry’ among plants to be found in gardens open to the public. Tessa’s set, ‘Empty’, revealed the vacant and desolate interiors of closed shops once busy with the bustle of trade.

As we approached the refreshment break Paul showed his recent RPS Fellowship application, comprising 21 prints on the theme of New York.  Although an imaginative, strong and varied presentation the work didn’t find universal approval from the members of the Fine Art assessment panel. Paul’s suite of prints caused much discussion and comment.      

Above:  Paul discussing his panel 

Charles’ portfolio included a series of people pictures around the Millennium Bridge in London.  Darren’s very quick eye for photo opportunities took him to a gig for the band Powder Monkey and his set of low-key images, rich in chiaroscuro, were a source of fascination and discussion.

On location in Liverpool during the torrid heat of summer, Eric found a multitude of subjects including how to reinterpret the world through the ambiguity of reflections.   Peter was amongst the group of WCC, members on the recent evening visit to Diglis Basin. His keen sense of the unusual enabled him to discover many alternative views of the location.  Maddy returned to the now derelict, original site, of The London Hospital where in 1972 she began her nursing career.  Her evocative interpretation of the subject combined with sensitively incorporated overlays provided another example of insightful conceptual photography.

The gallery at the bottom of this page shows a selection of the work described. 

We explored two ‘Outside Sources’ both of which provided alternative visions of landscape photography.  Nick Linnett’s ‘Intersections’ employed sympathetic overlays and blending of textures over landscape scenes whilst Peter Frank used a combination of old photographic glass negative plates of landscapes from the dawn of photography combined with current imagery.

To discover more, click on the image or photographer's name below.


Intersections - Nick Linnett


Peter Frank

This was another thoroughly enjoyable and informative meeting spiced with the usual ingredients of good humour and well-considered friendly advice, two attributes which underscore the strength and ethos of the WCC Contemporary Photography Group.

Above:  Part of the the lively scene at the September meeting

The gallery of images below features two pictures from each contributor. This only gives a small insight into a most enjoyable myriad of imagery, views expressed and discussions.

August CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and < (reverse) arrows to shuttle through, or your keyboard arrow keys.