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A good evening with an inspirational mix of work shown.  There's a lot to appreciate, click on 'Read more'.....

The 'Outside Source' this month was from the Japanese photographer Yoshinori Mizutani  ‘Parrots should not be in Tokyo’.   The birds in the photos were brought to Japan as pets from the tropics in the 1970s, and went feral, settling in Tokyo. Here's the link: Tokyo Parrots


We had the pleasure of seeing Charles’ 15 x DPAGB distinction printed images, which showed the extremely high quality needed to be successful at this level.  A very impressive set.  Our congratulations to him are well deserved.

Charles Ashton's 'Well Spotted' is our 'home page'  'header image' for this month.  It's so well spotted that the photo-credit to Charles is difficult to read!

John Hoath displayed his artist’s book:  ‘Capturing the Spirit’, where he explored the life force of the animal kingdom through his own minimalistic paper sculptures.  These he then photographed and hand crafted into a very impressive A3 book.  The concept was delightfully thought through and enjoyable on many levels.

Ann Hoath explained her ‘Threads’ series and shared some beautiful art-prints where she had combined her photographs with applied delicate fabric.  The theme was carried through to a machine stitched portrait where the threads were evident and added character.  An exciting concept delicately and successfully explored.

Alex Shared some ‘Gay Pride’ where he had got up close and personal!   He said the atmosphere was ‘euphoric but uneasy’ and this was evident in the eyes of the participants, especially in his mono set.  His full colour images had a rainbow quality and the difference between the mono images and the full colour was discussed with great interest.

Barrie had recently returned from a cold week of flat lighting in Northumberland and dealt with the conditions by exploring the long exposure method.  The results were very successful and a good example of using what the weather threw at him.  His calmed seas added a dramatic contrast to the groynes. 

Charles also presented a set of DPIs of mixed subjects, taken during his travels near and far.  The images were accompanied by his personal stories about his interactions with the subjects.   His camera-side-manner makes a startling difference to the results of his work.

Eric went to Birmingham and in the bright sunshine found some excellent reflections with exciting graphic values.  His personal style was evident and the resulting images had an originality and freshness which was enjoyable to see.

James B-W showed his captivating AV of Valencia.  The images showed his adventurous composition and obvious respect for this subject.  We were led through a beautiful  journey of melding shapes, vistas, drama, invention and creativity.

Peter Young’s  PDIs were from his on-going commitment to the National Trust and especially of people enjoying their surroundings.  This led on to his AV taken in the Walled Garden of Croome.   We were soon transported, via close-ups into magical forms, shapes and colours of the specimen plants.

Sue Abbott had a concept of door furniture as sculptural items, showing us how mundane functional ironwork can become things of beauty.  Her theme held the images as a successful set, putting together knobs and handles from many countries.

Tessa showed a set of ‘Reconstructed Tenbury’ images which prompted a lively floor discussion was around the theme of ‘does it matter what we do to a photograph and why do we do it?’  The images were graphically dynamic as abstracted shapes took on new energy by being isolated and re-used.


The gallery of images below features pictures from each contributor. This only gives a small insight into a most enjoyable myriad of imagery, views expressed and discussions.