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What an enjoyable event our April meeting was! The work shown was a wonderful exploration into a variety of conceptual projects, and of high technical quality too.

Creative, conceptual and contemporary photography was in evidence and the enthusiastic members clearly enjoyed themselves.

Discussions and responses to the images and three AVs were constructive, informative and well considered.  As ever, good humour was in abundance and  everyone benefitted from viewing the work with informed observations.

The range of topics included two different interpretations of 'Windows', child portraits from Madagascar, back stage at a band gig and light fantastic patterns from a laser art installation. On a more prosaic note, other work featured subjects ranging from the detritus of nub ends to a confrontation between police and an EDL march. Paul Mann provided an excellent AV which explored aspects of Ankor Wat. 

The gallery below can only touch the surface and give an impression of the delights we enjoyed.  You may find three of the titles to be in less than common parlance, however they are appropriate and descriptive.  Here's some information: 

Two images from Tessa's series 'Thanatopsis', which broadly means, contemplation of beauty and meaning in the process of dying. William Cullen Bryant (1794 - 1878) used this title in his poem of the same name.

James' AV, 'Allopoiesis' explores the process whereby a system produces something other than the system itself. 

Clive's AV  'The Screever' , an artist who draws pictures on sidewalks, earning a living from the donations of  passersby.

Our two 'Outside Sources' stimulated much discussion and many observations. Click on the links to see more.

South Korean photographer Jun Ahn 'On The Verge'.  Hair-raising self-portraits depicting exploration of adolescent uncertainty and vertigo.


Internationally recognised photographer, Gabor Arion.  Bricks :The building blocks of Humanity. (You will need to scroll down the piece to the relevant area).


The gallery of images below features two pictures from each contributor. This only gives a small insight into a most enjoyable myriad of imagery, views expressed and discussions.

The gallery of images below features two pictures from each contributor.

April CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows to shuttle through, or your keyboard arrow keys.