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What a splendid time we had at our February meeting with an astonishing wealth and range of images and ideas.

We received the widest participation ever with contributions from almost everyone. To give a broad flavour of the topics and themes we enjoyed, here’s a selection: Angie explored the poignant remnants of an abandoned cottage, Alex transported us to Hong Kong, Bob revealed the curious delights of Quarry Bank, Clive’s theme was ‘Blandchester’ about the sameness of so many look-alike towns, whilst Darren enjoyed aspects of street photography in Verona. On a more sombre note, Eric examined aspects of a graveyard, then we were off to the rooftops of Bergen with John, Peter introduced us to a world seen through glass and windows, then Kaz showed us aspects of religious observations.

There were individual, non-thematic, pictures too with mysterious and complex scenes from Ruth, patterns from Sue, items upon the road seen by Maddy, repose and flowers from Janet, whilst Terry gave us some artistic interpretations of the world about us. 

We also enjoyed four short AVs: Paul showed aspects of the Aurora Borealis, Richard amazed us with kaleidoscope images from a ‘phone ‘app’, Stewart took us deep into his imagination, then Barry explored a churchyard through infrared photography. 

Our two ‘outside sources’ were fascinating.

Hakim Boulouiz

FRESNEL is a spotlight on anonymous streets, where meetings are woven, destinies intersect. The city is the theatre of order and disorder, of black and white, of fullness and emptiness.


Salaryman Project
Bruno Quinquet
Through a mix of street photography and conceptual documentary, the Salaryman Project depicts the anonymous world of Tokyo’s male office workers, a.k.a. salarymen.

Click on the links below to discover more.  

Hakim Boulouiz: 'Fresnel' 

Bruno Quinquet 'Salary Man Project' 


We discussed aspects of imagery and made time to consider just what ‘constitutes conceptual and contemporary photography’.

What an evening!

The gallery of images below features two pictures from each contributor. This only gives a small insight into a most enjoyable myriad of imagery, views expressed and discussions.

February CPG Gallery:  Use the (forward) > and (reverse) < arrows to shuttle through.