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For our first meeting of the New Year, we enjoyed a wide range of imagery, ideas, expression and interpretations of reality on a number of themes. 

Paradoxically, diversity was the unifying factor. Nigel Reader opened with a series of ICM images evoking the urgency of movement within the context of commuting in a city.  In contrast, Eric Williams’ set illustrated how Italian prisoners of war in 1943 on a remote Orkney island beautifully created a Roman Catholic church within the confines of two Nissen Huts. Simplicity was Derek Skinners theme when a bike ride revealed the softly forming silhouettes of winter trees.

Kaz Diller’s sense of making the ordinary exceptional was illustrated through his images of people using their mobile ‘phones.  Surreal fantasy underscored Paul Mann’s visually adventurous, ‘A Luthier’s Dream’. Maintaining the fantasy connection, Richard Sarginson entertained us with series of intricate and ever evolving fractal pattern studies. 

Returning to reality, Dr. Charles Ashton took us from the River Thames to deepest Soho, during and after sunset.  Clive Haynes celebrated the twin strands of the romantic English garden and the tradition of pictorialism. Details of human behaviour characterised Bob Oakley’s offering, whilst Peter Young explored his preference for curves. 

Tessa Mills was in contemplative mood for her subtle set about autumn, whilst in contrast, Stewart Bourne revealed his unique interpretation of ‘spaces’.  A huge amount to enjoy and diversity of expression was definitely present.

Our two ‘outside sources’ continued the general theme of diversity and contrast this month.  Here are the two links:

States of Grace by Wendi Schneider

The graphic and abstract genius of Ray K. Metzker

All members images and individual statements are ready to be seen in this month’s edition of  ‘Viewpoint’.  Click on image or link below…..