Photographic Distinctions

Both the RPS (Royal Photographic Society) and the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) invite their members to 'gain recognition for their photographic achievments' (in the words of the RPS) by submitting their work for assessment. Success leads to one of the following qualifications:


  • Licentiateship (LRPS)   for a good level of basic skill and competence.  10 images assessed.
  • Associateship (ARPS)   for a high standard of technical competence and creativity.  15 images assessed. 
  • Fellowship (FRPS)   for exceptional standards of excellence and distinguished ability.  20 images assessed.


  • Credit (CPAGB)   standard is 'good club photography'.  10 images assessed.
  • Distinction (DPAGB)   standard is 'open exhibition photography'.  15 images assessed.
  • Master (MPAGB)   standard is 'highest standard of UK amateur photography'.  20 images assessed.


BPE Awards - British Photographic Exhibitions exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognise successful entrants via the issue of Crown Awards photographic distinctions. Points are earned for every entry accepted in a BPE exhibition. 25 points makes you eligible for a BPE*1, continuing up to 300 points for a BPE*5. After that you may apply for Associate and Fellow status.

Martin Addison

Clive Haynes

Tessa Mills

Andrew Gagg

Tony Gervis

Dr. Charles Ashton

Roger Blandford

Stewart Bourne

Brian Eacock

Paul Mann

Janet Stott

Jayne Winter

Sue Abbott

Ruth Bourne

Gill Haynes

Alex Isaacs

Darren Leeson

Heather Mann

Maddy Pennock

Roy Reeves

Pam Turner

Alan Yeates

Judy Knights

Colin Nash

Roger Blandford *

John Burrows

Brian Eacock *

Michael Hardwick

Bob Tunstall

Richard Wood

Judy Knights *

Mike Hadley

Den Lee

Paul Mann *

Bob Oakley

Pam Turner *

Eric Williams


*also have RPS distinction

Bob Tunstall - BPE4* (200 acceptances)

John Burrows - BPE2*

Jayne Winter - BPE1*